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Lotus Stimmungslicht 3-farbig Goldrand 13,5 cm


Lotus mood light Capiz 3-color with golden rim

The lotus is the symbol of darkness to light, from ignorance to knowing.

Size: 13.5 cm

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Lotus mood light Capiz 3-color golden rim

The lotus is the symbol of darkness to light, from ignorance to knowing. The lotus also symbolizes the seven energy centers in the human body, the chakras.
The lotus is a water plant from the Nelumbonaceae family. The plant has pink flowers and a fruit in the shape of a cut cone. The plant is rooted in a marshy soil, but without the leaves and flowers ever looking muddy. That is why the lotus is a symbol of purity in Buddhism. The self-cleaning capacity of the leaves is sometimes called the lotus effect. This lotus mood light is 15 x 15 cm. big. The lotus has great significance in Buddhism. The flower symbolizes divine birth and purity. The lotus is the attribute of the Bodhisattva Samantabhadra. The Hindu god Vishnu is also usually depicted with a lotus flower. Goddesses presented as a good-natured partner of a god often hold a lotus. Deities, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas usually stand or sit on a kind of lotus throne: a pedestal in the form of an open lotus flower.

Lotus flower

This beautiful mood light in the shape of a lotus is 3-color with gold-colored edges. Order this wonderful mood light quickly and enjoy it in your own living room.

This is of course a real blooming lotus, isn’t it? The shape of the mood light approaches the shape perfectly and with a light on it you experience a wonderful and wonderful atmosphere.
The symbolic meaning is the “growth towards enlightenment” that comes from the flower’s growth process. The lotus flower nestles in the mud under water and then grows very powerful towards the light, after which we can see a beautiful flower on the water, without mud. We can also go through this process as a person, see the mud as ignorance and suffering. As you grow and get older, you usually become wiser and once the enlightenment is reached, you shine just like that beautiful lotus flower. Enlightenment can be achieved for every living being, including you!

Size: 13.5 cm

Article 12076


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