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You want to create a cozy atmosphere especially in the living room. It is the most visited place in the house, the central space where we can sit comfortably together with a cup of coffee and have nice conversations. Sometimes you think it can be even more fun. But how? Maybe you get inspiration by reading the following tips.
It is very simple by looking closely at the color scheme in the room. Are they warm colors? Use burgundy, warm gray and ocher yellow. Certainly no blue in the living room, that is a cool color, more for the bathroom. You also bring softness into the room by introducing round shapes. A round coffee table, round lamps and perhaps a round rug take away the tight rectangular feeling if you have too many angular cupboards in the room.

The perfect balance

Look for harmony and try to achieve the perfect balance by creating the right thread in the room. Always let the same come back somewhere. That can be a color, but also a shape or even a certain material. In addition, the lighting is of course very important!

Atmospheric light

You need light to be able to read a book. But you also need light to make it cozy. Lighting is a basic element for cosiness in the living room. We are talking about mood lighting. You can achieve this type of lighting by, for example, using a Lotus mood light Capiz golden edge orange . The shape of the atmospheric light perfectly matches the shape of the real lotus and with a light on it you experience a wonderful and wonderful atmosphere. The symbolic meaning is the growth towards enlightenment that comes from the flower’s growth process. The lotus flower nestles in the mud under water and then grows very powerful towards the light, so you can see a beautiful flower on the water, without mud. You can also go through this process as a person, see the mud as ignorance and suffering. As you grow and grow older, you usually become wiser and once the enlightenment is reached, you shine just like that beautiful lotus flower. Enlightenment can be achieved for every living being, including you! You see how important light is. Create that pleasant atmosphere at your home with a Lotus mood light.